Android Interview Questions

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What is Android OS?
What is android?
What are the advantages of Android?
Explain about the exceptions of Android?
What is .apk extension?
What is .dex extension?
What is the Android Open Source Project?
Why did we open the Android source code?
What kind of open-source project is Android?
Why is Google in charge of Android?
What is Google’s overall strategy for Android product development?
How is the Android software developed?
Why are parts of Android developed in private?
When are source code releases made?
What is involved in releasing the source code for a new Android version?
How does the AOSP relate to the Android Compatibility Program?
How can I contribute to Android?
How do I become an Android committer?
What does “compatibility” mean?
What is the role of Android Market in compatibility?
What kinds of devices can be Android compatible?
If my device is compatible, does it automatically have access to Android Market and branding?
If I am not a manufacturer, how can I get Android Market?
How can I get access to the Google apps for Android, such as Maps?
Is compatibility mandatory?
How much does compatibility certification cost?
How long does compatibility take?
Who determines what will be part of the compatibility definition?
How long will each Android version be supported for new devices?
Can a device have a different user interface and still be compatible?
When are compatibility definitions released for new Android versions?
How are device manufacturers’ compatibility claims validated?
What happens if a device that claims compatibility is later found to have compatibility problems?
Compatibility Test Suite
What is the purpose of the CTS?
What kinds of things does the CTS test?
Will the CTS reports be made public?
How is the CTS licensed?
Does the CTS accept contributions?
Can anyone use the CTS on existing devices?

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