POJO Class in Android

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                         POJO (Plain Old Java Object), basically a class with attributes and it’s getters and setters. The name is used to emphasise that a given object is an ordinary Java Object, not a special object.

Why used in android?
                         POJO is mainly used to denote a Java object which does not follow any of the major Java object models, conventions, or frameworks. Mainly used in Restful API web-services.

Initialize : 
 public Test(String id, String name) {  
           this.name = name;
           this.id = id; 
Getter : 
 public String getName() {  
           return name;  
Setter : 
 public void setName(String name) {  
           this.name = name;  
Calling from Activity : 
 Test pojo = new Test("001" , "Kumar"};  

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