Camelcasing String in android

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CamelCase (camel case, camel caps or medial capitals) is the practice of writing compound words or phrases such that each next word or abbreviation begins with a capital letter. Camel case may start with a capital or, especially in programming languages, with a lowercase letter.

      public static String UppercaseFirstLetters(String str) {  
           boolean prevWasWhiteSp = true;  
           char[] chars = str.toCharArray();  
           for (int i = 0; i < chars.length; i++) {  
                if (Character.isLetter(chars[i])) {  
                     if (prevWasWhiteSp) {  
                          chars[i] = Character.toUpperCase(chars[i]);  
                     prevWasWhiteSp = false;  
                } else {  
                     prevWasWhiteSp = Character.isWhitespace(chars[i]);  
           return new String(chars);  

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